• Robux Cost: ⏣180
  • Money Cost: $60,000
  • Value: $60,000
  • Perm Value: $1,500,000

Spring Stats & Details:

Spring is a Natural-type Fruit, priced at $60,000 or ⏣180. It has a 20% chance of being in stock and a 14% chance of spawning in-game.

General Information:

Spring is a Blox Fruit used by the Jeremy Boss NPC in the game. It has various moves, including Knock, Spring Snipe, Spring Cannon, Spring Emperor, and Spring Leap. The fruit allows users to jump and bounce off walls, gaining speed and momentum.


  • Highly maneuverable; useful for sword users
  • C move breaks instinct
  • X move is decent for both attacking and escaping from PvP
  • F move is quite fast
  • Has some of the best mobility skills in the game


  • Low damage, making it terrible for PvP and grinding
  • Natural type, not good for killing NPCs at low levels
  • C move is hard to hit due to limited range
  • Ineffective in water (unless you have Shark V2 / V3)

Overall Review:

Spring is a Blox Fruit with excellent mobility skills, making it useful for dodging attacks and escaping from teamers. However, its low damage output and limitations in water make it less ideal for PvP and grinding.

Additional Info:

  • Spring needs the 4th most mastery in the game for a travel move (behind Dragon, Portal, and Control)
  • Before update 17.3, Spring was the only fruit without corners
  • You can now store this fruit as a perm for trade
  • There is a glitch with Spring's F ability when it leaps into a chair, which allows the ability to continue indefinitely if the user doesn’t move