• Robux Cost: ⏣380
  • Money Cost: $180,000
  • Value: $180,000
  • Perm Value: $14,000,000

Spike Stats & Details:

Spike is a Natural-type Fruit, priced at $180,000 or ⏣380. It is a common fruit and was always in stock before being removed in favor of Kilo and Spin as the two lowest fruits.

General Information:

Spike is a Natural-type Blox Fruit with a variety of moves like Spike Summon, Whirlwind, Spiky Ball, and Spike Barrage. It used to be less useful but received a significant buff in Update 17.3. The fruit has decent damage and can be used for trolling and combos.


  • Decent damage
  • C move is alright for traveling on land
  • Fun for trolling
  • Very common to find
  • Great combo potential
  • Cheap
  • Every move except C does more damage if held
  • X move breaks Instinct


  • C move is hard to control and can easily cause the player to fall into water
  • Not ideal for grinding, as it's not an Elemental fruit
  • Can only fight ground battles

Overall Review:

Spike is a common and cheap Blox Fruit with decent damage and combo potential. It's fun for trolling and playing around but is not the best choice for grinding or fighting water battles. The fruit has received a significant buff in Update 17.3, which improved its utility.

Additional Info:

Spike has multiple combos that can be used effectively with other weapons or moves. Players can store this fruit as a permanent fruit to trade. The Spiky Ball move was inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog, and some people call this fruit Walmart Dough because both fruits have spiked-shaped attacks and do similar damage at 3k per average without combos.