• Robux Cost: ⏣1,800
  • Money Cost: $1,500,000
  • Value: $1,150,000
  • Perm Value: $135,000,000

Spider Stats & Details:

The Spider Fruit, formerly known as the String Fruit, is a Natural-type Fruit priced at $1,500,000 or ⏣1,800. It has a 4% chance of being in stock and a 5.7% chance of spawning in-game.

General Information:

The Spider Fruit (previously the String Fruit until Update 19) grants its user the ability to attack with thin and sharp strings. The revamp of the fruit from String to Spider introduced new moves and improvements to its abilities. It is not the best choice for grinding but can be decent if used correctly. It is excellent for PvP when awakened, as it has great stuns, damage, and hitboxes. To fully awaken this fruit, you need a total of 17,300 Fragments.

Special form of the item:

Aside from the awakened and Unawakened versions, the Spider Fruit has a special form only available to the second stage of the Don Swan boss. This version has an improved Spider V move that triples the range, AoE, and damage. However, due to this version being exclusive to a boss, it is impossible to find out whether there are any other differences.


  • Very high damage
  • Good stunning capabilities
  • Fast flight with Spider Path (Un-awakened)
  • Good for killing Bosses
  • High combo potential (awakened)
  • Most moves can break Instinct (awakened)
  • Effective for sniping and kill stealing (Un-awakened C move)


  • Small hitboxes make it hard to hit moves in PvP (Un-awakened)
  • Moves can be canceled with DoT (awakened)
  • Bad range and small hitboxes for Un-awakened Z and X moves
  • Water does damage (except for Ice and Magma v2 users and Shark race)
  • High end-lag for some moves
  • Can be countered easily if the user is inexperienced or not skilled with combos
  • Requires good aim for PvP
  • Not ideal for air fights and grinding

Overall Review:

The Spider Fruit, after its revamp from the String Fruit, has become a powerful and versatile fruit with great PvP potential when awakened. It has some drawbacks, such as small hitboxes and not being ideal for grinding, but can be a strong asset in the right hands.

Additional Info:

The Spider Fruit is used by Swan and Don Swan in the game. The revamp from String to Spider has introduced new moves and improvements, making it a more powerful choice for players who can master its unique abilities.