• Robux Cost: ⏣250
  • Money Cost: $100,000
  • Value: $100,000
  • Perm Value: $16,000,000

Smoke Stats & Details:

The Smoke Fruit is an Elemental-type Fruit, priced at $100,000 or ⏣250. It has a 25% chance of being in stock and a 13% chance of spawning in-game.

General Information:

The Smoke Fruit is an Elemental-type fruit with decent damage, good combo potential, and is great for grinding. It has various stunning attacks, except for Smoke Slam. The user is immune to all physical attacks unless they are imbued with Aura or are a higher level NPC. The Smoke Fruit has moves like Smoke Slam, Smoke Blast, Smoke Liberation, and Smoke Bomber.


  • Elemental immunity
  • Good for bounty hunting and combos
  • High damage compared to other similarly priced fruits
  • Decent stuns with [X] and [C] moves
  • Great for grinding, especially early game
  • Low energy usage
  • Low mastery requirements
  • Cheap and frequently in stock
  • Good for starters
  • Flying capabilities like most other Elemental-type fruits


  • Limited range compared to other fruits
  • Weakness to water, except for Ice/Magma V2

Overall Review:

The Smoke Fruit is a cheap and frequently available Elemental-type fruit that offers decent damage, good combo potential, and is great for grinding. It has low mastery requirements, making it an excellent choice for starters. However, it has limited range and is weak to water.

Additional Info:

The Smoke Fruit has better combo potential compared to other fruits of similar cost. It was the first Elemental-type fruit to not have an awakening, with the second being Blizzard. It is one of the only fruits with a flight move that does damage while being able to be used infinitely. The sword that represents this fruit is Jitte.