• Robux Cost: ⏣2,100
  • Money Cost: $2,100,000
  • Value: $5,000,000
  • Perm Value: $180,000,000

Rumble Stats & Details:

The Rumble Blox Fruit is an Elemental-type Blox Fruit, priced at $2,100,000 or ⏣2,100. It has a 2.25% chance of being in stock and a 2.31% chance of spawning in-game.

General Information:

The Rumble Blox Fruit is an Elemental-type fruit that provides the user with various lightning-based moves and abilities. It's a decent fruit for grinding and has a variety of moves, including Rumble Dragon, Sky Thunder, Sky Beam, Thunder Bomb, and Lightning Dash. When awakened, it gains more powerful versions of these moves and a new movement ability called Electric Flash.


  • Elemental immunity
  • Very good mobility
  • Long stuns
  • Large AOE (especially X and V move)
  • Good for raids due to long stuns and big hitboxes
  • Awakened Rumble F / Electric Flash is very fast with a near-instant cooldown
  • Super easy to grind with, if not the easiest fruit to grind with, due to the huge amount of stuns
  • Good for boss grinding


  • Rubber users are immune to all Rumble attacks
  • High endlag and startup times (V1)
  • Moves are very slow (V1)
  • High mastery levels
  • Bad for aerial combat (V1)
  • Water weakness, as with all fruits (except Ice, Magma v2, and Human: Buddha v2, unless you have Shark v2, v3, or v4)
  • Rumble X (unawakened and awakened) cannot be used when the player is under a roof
  • Awakened Rumble F / Electric Flash only has 3 charges and then has to recharge
  • Rumble V has a long start-up time
  • Requires proficiency in other skills like fighting styles and swords, due to its bad output (V1)

Overall Review:

The Rumble Blox Fruit is a powerful Elemental-type fruit with excellent mobility, long stuns, and large AOE attacks. It is great for raids and grinding, but some drawbacks include its high mastery levels, slow moves (V1), and the immunity of Rubber users to its attacks. When fully awakened, it gains even more powerful moves and better mobility, making it a valuable choice for those who can master its abilities.

Additional Info:

To fully awaken your Rumble Fruit, you need 14,500 Fragments (19,500 if you include Pole (2nd Form). The Weapon that represents this fruit are Pole (1st form) and Pole (2nd Form). Rumble, along with 12 other fruits, is one of the fruits that deals damage with its F skill.