• Robux Cost: ⏣750
  • Money Cost: $350,000
  • Value: $550,000
  • Perm Value: $57,500,000

Ice Stats & Details:

The Ice Fruit is an Elemental-type Blox Fruit, priced at $350,000 or ⏣750. It has a 15% chance of being in stock and a 14% chance of spawning in-game.

General Information:

The Ice Fruit is an Elemental-type fruit with moves like Ice Spear, Ice Surge, Ice Bird, and Glacial Epoch. Users gain immunity to physical and sword attacks and can walk on water by freezing it. It has great combo potential, stuns, and area control, making it suitable for farming, PvP, and Raids.


  • Great for level farming
  • Comes with an ice trident sword
  • Good hitbox and wide-radius moves
  • Amazing stuns and freezes
  • Elemental fruit provides immunity and stuns
  • Good mobility with Ice Skating
  • Excellent combo potential and multi-target moves
  • Useful for Raids, Bosses, and grinding NPCs
  • Good AoE


  • High energy usage on water
  • Some moves don't work in the air
  • Small stun window
  • Large knockback makes it less ideal for grinding
  • Ice Skating drains stamina rapidly when used on water

Overall Review:

The Ice Fruit is a powerful Elemental-type fruit with excellent combo potential, stuns, and area control. It's great for level farming, PvP, and Raids but has some drawbacks with high energy usage on water and limitations in air combat.

Additional Info:

Users can wall run by holding the F move on a wall and can glitch through thin walls with the F move. Equipping Aura doesn't affect the ice trident.