Fruit Storage

fruit storage


  • Robux Cost: ⏣400
  • Value: $45,000,000

General Information & Usefulness

The +1 Fruit Storage is a developer product in Blox Fruits, available for 400 Robux. It allows players to store multiple instances of the same fruit in their Treasure Inventory, which is used to store Blox Fruits and Gamepasses. Normally, players can only store one of each fruit. With each purchase of this product, an additional fruit slot is granted.


  • Enables players to store more than one of the same fruit in their Treasure Inventory.
  • Facilitates trading with other players, as stored fruits can be traded.
  • Can be used to store fruits when trading with the Mysterious Scientist, Trevor, and Arowe during the Cyborg puzzle.
  • No known cap on the number of fruits that can be stored with this product.


  • Costs 400 Robux for each additional fruit slot.
  • The Treasure Inventory is not available in the 1st Sea.
  • Fruits can still be lost if held by the player and they die, even if the fruit was previously stored.
  • Update 17.3 removed the Treasure Inventory, but stored fruits can still be accessed through the Items button in the menu.

Overall Review

The +1 Fruit Storage is a useful product for players looking to expand their storage capacity for Blox Fruits. It makes trading easier and helps with certain in-game puzzles. However, players should be aware of the cost associated with each additional fruit slot and that the Treasure Inventory is not accessible in the 1st Sea. Despite the removal of the Treasure Inventory in Update 17.3, stored fruits can still be accessed, making this product a valuable addition for dedicated players.