Fruit Notifier

fruit notifier


  • Robux Cost: ⏣2,700
  • Value: $180,000,000

General Information & Usefulness

The Fruit Notifier Gamepass is an item in Blox Fruits that enables players to locate fruits when they spawn in their server. It was added in Update 4 and can be purchased from the in-game shop for 2,700 Robux. The notifier indicates the distance (in meters) to the fruit, but it does not provide a map. It only works if the player is already inside the server when the fruit spawns. The Fruit Notifier Gamepass is currently valued at 150,000,000 Beli and has high demand.


  1. The Fruit Notifier Gamepass can be useful in private servers and has the highest chance for finding fruits.
  2. It is helpful for fruit hunting, especially in the First and Second Sea areas, where there is usually little competition.


  1. The gamepass is very expensive, costing 2,700 Robux.
  2. Its usefulness has diminished since the introduction of the Blox Fruit Dealer and Cousin.
  3. In the Third Sea, the gamepass becomes obsolete due to the high number of owners and a large number of hackers, resulting in intense competition.
  4. A good fruit is not guaranteed to spawn.

Overall Review

The Fruit Notifier Gamepass in Blox Fruits was once considered the best gamepass but has lost some of its appeal with the addition of the Blox Fruit Dealer and Cousin. It can still be useful in certain situations, such as in private servers and areas with little competition. However, its high cost and the fact that a good fruit is not guaranteed to spawn make it less appealing. The overall usefulness rating for the Fruit Notifier Gamepass is 7/10.