Dark Blade

dark blade


  • Robux Cost: ⏣1,200
  • Value: $128,000,000

General Information & Usefulness

The Dark Blade is a powerful weapon in the game Roblox Blox Fruits. It can be obtained through several methods, including purchasing the game pass for 1,200 Robux or by defeating the Mihawk Raid Boss. The base Dark Blade can be upgraded to V2 and V3, making it even more formidable. With a usefulness rating of 8/10, the Dark Blade is a valuable asset in damage, combo-potential, and range.


  • Obtained in multiple ways, including purchase, gift, trade, Brazil Cube, or defeating an admin.
  • Upgradable to Dark Blade V2 and V3, increasing its power.
  • One of the most powerful weapons in Roblox Blox Fruits.
  • Excellent damage, combo-potential, and range.


  • Cannot break Instinct at long ranges, requiring players to rely on guns like the Acidum Rifle to land the X move reliably.
  • Requires a minimum level of 350 to start the upgrade quest for V2.

Overall Review

The Dark Blade is a formidable weapon in Roblox Blox Fruits, offering players a high degree of power, combo potential, and range. With multiple methods for obtaining and upgrading the sword, it is a sought-after game pass. However, its inability to break Instinct at long ranges means players must rely on other weapons to maximize its effectiveness. Overall, the Dark Blade is a valuable addition to any player's arsenal in Blox Fruits.