• Robux Cost: ⏣100
  • Money Cost: $30,000
  • Value: $30,000
  • Perm Value: $1,500,000

Chop Stats & Details:

Chop is a Natural-type Fruit, priced at $30,000 or ⏣100. It has a 35% chance of being in stock and a 15% chance of spawning in-game.

General Information:

Chop is a Blox Fruit with sword immunity, making users immune to all sword attacks, including those with Aura. However, it doesn't protect against Light's sword and Ice's attacks. It is good for early game grinding, as early NPCs like Pirates and Brutes use swords. Chop has various moves like Tackle, Dance, Party, and Helicopter.


  • Immunity to all Swords (including attacks from players and NPCs)
  • Cheap and decent for an early Elemental place-holder
  • Advantage against sword users, especially when combined with a sword/gun
  • Good for fighting sword mains and grinding sword-wielding NPCs
  • Great for trolling
  • Decent combo potential with X and C moves that stun
  • Suitable for Gun or sword mains


  • Most people have better fruits, leading to a disadvantage
  • Vulnerable to fruit users
  • Only decent for PVP (unless the opponent uses a sword)
  • Bad range and low damage on some moves
  • Water damages users, as with all fruits (unless they have Shark V2/V3)
  • Bosses can still damage Chop users
  • Low trade value

Overall Review:

Chop is a unique Blox Fruit with sword immunity, making it useful against sword-wielding opponents and NPCs. It's a decent early game choice, but it can be outclassed by higher rarity fruits due to its limited abilities and range.

Additional Info:

Chop's X skill is similar to the Shark Saw's X skill. Cursed Dual Katana cannot bypass Chop's sword immunity. Chop is most effective in the early game against sword-wielding enemies, but its usefulness diminishes as players progress.