• Robux Cost: ⏣1,650
  • Money Cost: $1,200,000
  • Value: $7,000,000
  • Perm Value: $160,000,000

Buddha Stats & Details:

Buddha is a Legendary Beast fruit price at $1,200,000 or ⏣1,200 with a 5% chance of being in stock and a 6.6% chance of spawning every hour. It can also be obtained from Blox Fruit Gacha.

General Information:

Buddha is a powerful fruit for grinding, supporting in raids, and PvP due to its spamming abilities and large hitbox. It can be awakened, and when transformed into a giant Buddha, the user gains extreme hitbox size and damage reduction. The fruit can be used with weapons, which also gain a massive hitbox.


  • Great for grinding, raids, and PvP
  • Offers damage reduction
  • Large hitbox for weapon and melee attacks
  • Works well with various weapons and fighting styles
  • Versatile and effective in different situations


  • Large hitbox makes the user an easy target
  • Moves take a long time to finish, leaving the user vulnerable
  • Mobility is poor
  • Not reliable for combos

Overall Review:

Buddha is an excellent choice for grinding, raids, and PvP due to its versatility and large hitbox. It offers damage reduction and works well with various weapons and fighting styles. However, its large hitbox also makes the user an easy target and some moves leave the user vulnerable.

Additional Info:

The Rabbit race works well for Buddha users, as it provides speed and high jumps. Using the Ghoul race with Ghoul Mask can also help with health regeneration during raids. Buddha V2 can walk on water, and users can benefit from maximizing their Sword or Melee Tap ability for massive damage in PvP.