• Robux Cost: ⏣1,250
  • Money Cost: $800,000
  • Value: $800,000
  • Perm Value: $30,000,000

Barrier Stats & Details:

The Barrier Fruit is a Natural-type Blox Fruit, priced $800,000 or ⏣1,250. It has an 8% chance of being in stock and a 7.8% chance of spawning in-game.

General Information:

The Barrier Fruit is a starting fruit used mainly for trolling, as it can block players and make them stuck in place for a short time. It's also decent for Raids as it can be used to block out enemies and control the area. It has a variety of moves like Barrier Wall, Surprise Attack, Barrier Prison, Barrier Towers, and Stairs.


  • Good for controlling the area and fight
  • Good for hit-and-run tactics
  • Effective for trolling
  • Provides good defense against ranged attacks
  • Has low mastery requirements
  • Decent for Raids
  • Offers good combo potential with other weapons


  • Not recommended for grinding NPCs (excluding Bosses)
  • Some moves are slow and leave the user vulnerable
  • Mobility move isn't great for horizontal movement
  • Barrier moves can be less effective against opponents with high mobility

Overall Review:

The Barrier Fruit is a decent starting choice with good area control and trolling potential. It's suitable for Raids and has a variety of moves, but it's not ideal for grinding NPCs and has some slow moves that leave the user vulnerable.

Additional Info:

The Barrier Fruit has several combos that can be used effectively in conjunction with other weapons or moves. Users can also reset their Air Jump in mid-air using the F move, which allows them to dash more across the Water/Sea.