2X Money

2x money


  • Robux Cost: ⏣450
  • Value: $40,000,000

General Information & Usefulness:

The 2x Money gamepass is a purchasable gamepass in Blox Fruits that doubles the amount of money a player earns for completing quests and defeating NPCs. It can be purchased for 450 Robux on the Blox Fruits game page on the Roblox website or the in-game shop. 7/10 usefulness.


  • Increases the rate of earning money, speeding up progress in the game.
  • Helpful for buying better equipment and abilities.
  • Very useful at lower levels to obtain good fruits and other items.


  • Does not work for earning money through chests, selling items, or trading with other players.
  • Loses its prominence once a player reaches around level 1000, as money is easier to obtain at that point.

Overall Review:

The 2x Money gamepass is a worthwhile investment for players who enjoy playing Blox Fruits and want to progress faster in the game. While its usefulness declines as players reach higher levels, it still offers a significant boost to earning money at lower levels and when a player is in a rush to purchase specific items.