2X Mastery

2x mastery


  • Robux Cost: ⏣450
  • Value: $40,000,000

General Information & Usefulness

The 2x Mastery gamepass can be purchased in the Blox Fruits game on Roblox for 450 Robux. This gamepass doubles the EXP received when defeating NPCs, which is particularly useful for gaining item mastery. It is important to note that this only affects the amount of EXP gained towards item mastery, not levels. This gamepass works for all items, including fruits that were obtained before purchasing the gamepass.


  • Significantly speeds up the process of gaining item mastery.
  • Works for all items, including those acquired before purchasing the gamepass.
  • Highly useful for leveling up fruits, fighting styles, guns, and swords.


  • The gamepass costs 450 Robux, which may not be affordable for all players.
  • Does not provide any benefits towards leveling up the player's character.

Overall Review

The 2x Mastery gamepass in Blox Fruits is extremely useful for players looking to quickly gain mastery for various items in the game. With a usefulness rating of 10/10, the gamepass enables players to achieve mastery 100 on items in as little as 5 minutes, even at lower levels (100-300). Given its effectiveness in speeding up item mastery, the gamepass is worth the investment for players who can afford it.