FruityBlox Major Website Update - 8/20/23

FruityBlox Major Website Update - 8/20/23

Posted 8/20/23 by Admin

Account Resets

If you created an account or signed in with Discord in the past, you still can the same way as before! If you signed up with Discord, you WILL NOT have a password.

Also, we added the ability to sign up with email instead of just Discord, allowing many more players to participate in trading on the website.

We have revamped the website to run faster and support more traders. Our old database was slow, so we decided to speed it up. create a trade

We started from scratch since we only store a few user data or info. If you had an account with Discord before, you would only notice your trades and bio missing when you sign in again. All you have to do is re-add them.

Live Blox Fruits Trading Chat

The next major part of this update is the live chat room! This new feature is a work in progress, so feel free to try it out & provide us with some feedback. create a trade

The live chat room allows all active players on the website to chat & find trades quicker. Or you can hang out with other Blox Fruits players!

Visit the chat room here: Fruity Blox Chat

New Features Coming Soon!

Along with these updates, we have many more planned for the future. We would like to add some leaderboards, the ability to send private messages to other users, & more!

If you have an idea or request for a feature or update on the website, please shoot us a message on Discord!