FruityBlox Beginner Trading Guide & Rules

FruityBlox Beginner Trading Guide & Rules

Posted 4/23/23 by Admin

Beginner Trading Guidelines & Rules

Welcome to! We recommend reading these trading rules & guidelines before creating an account & posting your first trade to the trading feed.

These guidelines & rules are designed to give you & other players the best trading experience when using our website.

Failure to follow the rules or guidelines may result in permanently banning your account, so please follow them closely.

Posting a Trade to the Feed

The core feature of FruityBlox is the "create a trade" page. This page has an interface where you can browse Fruits & Gamepasses by name & add them to the trade window.

The trade window has two sides (HAS & WANTS). Has represents the items that (you), the trader posting the trade, have to offer & WANTS means the items that (you), the trader, are looking to trade for. create a trade

Each side has a value that uses the money prices from the game to calculate the value & limit the trade if the trade is unbalanced by 40% or more, just like in a Blox Fruits Treasure Trade.

If the trade is unbalanced, you will get an alert & will be able to submit it once you balance the trade.

Find a Player to Trade With

The trade feed is also a core feature of FruityBlox. This is where all trades are posted once a user has created it on "create a trade." You can infinitely scroll down this feed to look for trades that interest you.

You can use the filter buttons to filter items by name based on their HAS or WANTS. For example, if you select Blizzard in HAS, only trades where the trader HAS Blizzard will be shown. This works the same way for WANTS. trading feed

Once you find a trade that interests you, click on it to see the details of the trade. If you want to make the trade, comment on the trade to let the poster know you are interested.

If you don't want to comment or prefer to talk in-game, you can view the user's Discord or Roblox account by clicking on it. This makes it easy to quickly find the player who posted the trade & meet them in-game.

Deleting & Completing Trades

If you accidentally post a trade, lose the items, or realize that you don't want to make the trade, you can delete the trade from the trade information screen. deleting and completing trades

If you posted a trade & it was completed successfully with another player in-game, you can mark the trade as completed.

Marking a trade as deleted or completed will remove it from the trade feed & your profile. All trades will be archived for one day before they get entirely removed.

Value Estimates

We added community value estimates for Fruits & Gamepasses to the bottom of each trade to give players an idea of what the trade is worth. These are just estimates and should be used with caution.

They are a guideline to use so you can avoid getting scammed. Values may vary from day to day & solely based on what another trader is willing to offer you.

Abusive Users & Profanity

We have an auto-moderation system that does not allow spam, bad or sexual language, insults, or anything else considered inappropriate for a trading website.

You will be banned if our system detects that you are an abusive community member.

Scams & Bad Traders

There is a reports & reputation system built into the website. Each player can rate players and also receive ratings. This helps us identify traders breaking the rules or needing to be better community members. reporting scammers trading

If you see a scammer or someone not following community rules, please report them using the "report trader" button on a trader's trade post.

There is 0 toleration for scammers.

We hope you have a great time here, happy trading!